Are you working in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and have now taken on a leadership position?

I will coach you in how to become a recognized leader within your organization by developing your strong leadership skills and showing you ways to confidently master the complex challenges of modern working life.

As scientists or physicians, we are trained to approach problems analytically and logically, and to solve them systematically.
In contrast, leadership tasks (whether taking on your first leadership role or managing complex change) can appear abstract.

With many years of (leadership-) experience in research and development at an international pharmaceutical company, I will coach you in ways to systematically approach leadership tasks in a step-by-step manner with ease and confidence.

With this approach you will consistently use your own strengths for success.

This customized online program consists of strategic knowledge modules in addition to individually tailored one-on-one training / coaching sessions including these focus areas:

  • Basics of personnel management and team development
  • Communication and feedback
  • Motivation and personnel development
  • Delegation and decision-making
  • Change management

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Premium Leadership Program

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