Dr. Sonja Klocke

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent;
it is the one most adaptable to change.”
– Charles Darwin –

Life is constant development and change, but that is also the exciting part about it.

In my times as a student of veterinary medicine, I might have believed that I would become self-employed one day, but certainly not in the area of ​​training scientists in leadership topics.

I definitely don’t want to miss my years in livestock veterinary practice, as they shaped me in my self-confidence and decisiveness, but my real interest was research.

So, after completing my PhD, I started a career in the pharmaceutical industry, where I worked in research and development of the animal health business for almost 15 years.

In the industry constant change becomes normality, and in addition to the scientific qualifications, I was constantly confronted with new challenges and expectations. That was true for international project work and even more so when I was taking on management and leadership positions of increasing responsibility. During this time a particularly challenging and at the same time extremely rewarding assignment for me was a management role in China.

More and more the focus of work is on the so-called “soft” topics: employee development, team building, intercultural cooperation, conflict management, restructuring and change management, communication, etc.. Over time it becomes clear that these topics can by no means be considered as “soft”. On the contrary, often enough one’s own leadership skills decide on success or failure. Nevertheless, in every day’s life between numbers, data and facts, the development of these skills is often neglected.

That is why I would like to train and coach scientists in leadership positions and organizations in these skills on the basis of my broad experience from work practice and my additional qualifications as a certified business trainer (BZTB) and certified changemanager (Euro-FH) as well as in leadership coaching.
Currently I am also working on a Master´s Degree in business psychology.

I would like to help you to find inspiration and use the right tools to lead your employees successfully, performance-oriented and compassionately, especially in times of constant change and increasing uncertainty.

With kind regards
Sonja Klocke