Leadership Training,
Change management, Facilitation

Leadership Training:

Usually, the best technical experts are promoted to management positions. However, they are not automatically experts in Leadership as well.

In workshops specifically tailored to your company I can provide important background knowledge on leadership skills in a step-by-step manner to people with a scientific mindset. Applicability and immediate implementation play an important role in this process.


Change management:

Structural changes are part of every day’s life in almost every company today. Unfortunately, many change projects still fail in implementation. I can support you systematically and tailored to your needs in planning and implementation of change projects. Thereby special attention is paid to training and support of managers in communication and in dealing with resistance constructively.



Group discussions benefit from being guided by a moderator. By using special methods, the capabilities and knowledge of a group is optimally used and goals can be achieved more efficiently. You have the experts; I make sure that they maximize their potential in meetings or workshops.